Morning&Evening Meditation

Morning Meditation

If you meditate in the morning, you will find that your meditation will be most fruitful. Before the sun rises, the earth-consciousness is not yet agitated. The world has not yet entered into its daily turmoil. Nature is calm and quiet and will help you meditate. When nature is fast asleep, the animal in us or our unillumined consciousness also sleeps. At that time we are still in the world of energising and fulfilling dreams, from which reality can grow. That is why the awakened aspiring consciousness can get the most out of early morning meditation.

Once the day dawns, Mother-Earth becomes divinely energetic or undivinely restless. Especially in the West, because of its present dynamic nature, there is some feeling of irritation in the cosmos or in the outer nature. These restless qualities of the world do not have to enter into you, but usually they will. When people move around, immediately their vibration enters into you, no matter where you are. The air, the light, everything around you becomes permeated with the vibration of human activity and human anxieties. The world is standing in front of you like a roaring lion. How can you enter into your highest meditation in front of a roaring lion? But if you can meditate before the world awakens, when the cosmos is still and people around you are taking rest, then you will be able to have a deeper meditation.
Meditating during the day is very difficult. In the evening, meditation is also a little difficult, because for eight or ten hours you have been in the hustle and bustle of the world. During the day you have met with many unaspiring people, and unconsciously their undivine thoughts and impure ideas have entered into you. So unless you are inwardly very strong, you will have assimilated many unaspiring and uninspiring forces from the world. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to meditate in the evening with the same hope and freshness. If you take a shower before meditating, it will help. If you associate with spiritual people, it will also help.
In the morning all these undivine forces and experiences are out of your memory, at least for a while. During the time that you sleep, all the impurities that have come into you from others are washed away. During the hours that you are sleeping, your soul, like a divine thief, is silently observing you. An ordinary thief will steal something from you, but this divine thief will only give and give. If you need peace at one place, your soul will put peace there. The soul acts like a mother, who comes into the child’s room in secrecy, early in the morning, to prepare for him the things he will need during the day. At night while you are sleeping, the soul gets the opportunity to do what is necessary for you. But during the day, when you are absorbed in the activities of the outer world, it is extremely difficult for the soul to give and for you to receive. For all these reasons morning meditation is the best.

Make sure that you are in a comfortable sitting position with your back straight and close your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Repeat quietly in your mind, today is a great day.
As you breathe slowly and deeply imagine a vibrant yellow light flow into your body with every breath you take. This yellow light is charged with a powerful positive energy, so with every breath you take your body will become naturally energised. You may feel a slight tingling as this positive yellow energy spreads throughout your entire body, recharging every cell and every part of you. As your life-force is recharged with this positive, vibrant energy, you feel simple pleasure in being alive; you begin to look forward to this great day. I want you to embrace this feeling. Give yourself permission to feel great, to feel great about yourself.
Now I want you to quietly repeat in your mind, I am energised, I am healthy, I feel great.
Just be quietly aware in the back of your mind that with every breath you take your body and energy will continue to recharge, so keep your breathing nice and deep.
Now I want you to smile to yourself and pay attention to how that simple little smile improves your overall morning mood. Try to keep that smile on your face, while you repeat quietly in your mind after me:
I love my life
I am grateful for my life
I love who I am
I am confident
I am loved
I am happy
I feel great about myself
I am safe and I feel safe
Today everything is fun and easy
Today wonderful things happen to me
I am allowing myself to enjoy this day
Today is a great day

Now it is time to begin your great day.

Beauty came to me like the morning rose. Duty came to me like the morning sun. Divinity came to me like the morning aspiration.

Begin by gently stretching your back and arms, wiggle your toes and listen to the sounds around you. Know that when you open your eyes you will be wide awake, feeling energised and ready for a great day. Open your eyes and enjoy this great day.This is a quick morning meditation that will relax you and give you a boost of positive energy. It’s a fantastic way to start your day with a smile on your face. In this short meditation you will use some basic breathing exercises, simple visualizations and positive affirmations to bring about a calm and happy mindset.

Sometimes all it takes to have a good day is a small shift in your morning thinking. If you start the day in a good mood with a positive outlook, you’re more likely to enjoy the whole day ahead. A short meditation like this one can work wonders and will get you on the “I’m having a great day” train in no time at all. So
 get on board and let’s have a great day together!

Evening meditation

If you cannot meditate in the morning, the evening is the next best time, because in the evening at least the atmosphere is becoming calm and peaceful. At noon nature is wild and restless, so your meditation may not be very deep or intense. But in the evening nature is preparing to rest and it does not disturb you.
When you meditate in the evening, you can look at the setting sun and try to feel that you have become totally one with cosmic nature. You can feel that you have played your part during the day most satisfactorily and, like the sun, you are going to retire.
In the evening you are tired, and you feel that the whole world is also tired. But there is a slight difference between the world’s approach to the truth and your approach. When the world is tired, it will not aspire. It wants only to rest. But you feel that your tiredness can be overcome by bringing more light and energy into your system. When you pray and meditate, at that time new life and new energy enter into you and refresh you.

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